Why Partnership with SPC?

We are a trusted service provider with expertise and consulting on developing security products and integrating with authenticate solutions.

Business Partnership

  • We help solve pain point, create added value in product and follow the strategy of partnerships with clients which distinguishes us from the competition.
  • We provide comprehensive integration into the customer’s system and provide custom-made solutions.
  • We are adaptable in the search for optimum business and financial solutions.

Product Consultant

  • Developing security products and integrating with authenticate solutions.
  • Creating total solutions (security design, security feature, security inks, security technology, security system).

In-House Manufacturer

  • Security printing in our own in-house factory that aim for operational excellence.
  • Comprehensive and integrated systems to ensure the production quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Confidence in the standards and quality of products and services which operates under the management system certification according to international standards.