Security and Quality Standards

The company has a policy to produce products and services with good quality and high standards by using modern technology and maintain a quality control system covering every step of the production process.

We are committed to the standards and quality of our products and services, which operates under the management system certification according to international standards, divided into 5 categories as follows :

1. Quality Management

ISO 9001
Quality Management System

2. Information Security Management

ISO 27001
Information Security Management System 

3. Business Continuity Management

ISO 22301
Business Continuity Management

ISO 29110
Software Project Management
and Software Development Process

4. Environmental Management

ISO 14001
Environmental Management System

Eco-Factory - The most efficient use
of resources in manufacturing

Green Industry Level 4 - Green Culture
in the organization

TGO CFO , CFP - Thailand Greenhouse
Gas Management Organization
(Public Organization and Product)

5. Product Manufacturing

HALAL Complies with the provisions
of the Islamic Religion

CODEX HACCP & GHPs - Good Hygiene
Practices (GHPs)/ The Hazard Analysis
and Critical Control Point
(HACCP) system (CXC 1-1969)

FSSC 22000 - Global Food
Safety Initiative – GFSI

MiT (Made in Thailand) Certificated from
The Federation of Thai Industries