Security Solutions

We are proud to be the leader in manufacturing and service businesses for bank and financial documents that prevent duplication and anti-counterfeit, such as cheques, cash management, passbooks (bank-books), certificates, coupons and gift vouchers, stamps, and other security documents. We also offer commercial business publishing, including business forms and commercial documents, copy paper, and stock forms (continuous paper), among others.

Our company prioritizes customer service and focuses on preventing imitation or forgery, while also constantly creating new innovations to meet our customers' demands. We deliver high-quality, standard products to our customers, earning their trust as a manufacturer of security publications. Our clientele includes both domestic and foreign government sectors, leading banks and financial institutions, and private sector agencies.

With our advanced integrated security printing techniques and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that all our products meet the highest security standards. Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has helped us build a reputation as a trusted partner and reliable solution provider.