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Cheques are an essential financial document that serves as a popular alternative to cash for making payments or settling debts. As a result, it is crucial to pay attention to every detail in preventing counterfeiting. Our company uses laser grade specialty paper and high-quality magnetic ink code (MICR) to produce cheques that are resistant to counterfeiting. We also offer various anti-counterfeiting measures such as watermarks to ensure the security of the cheques.

We have developed a comprehensive cheque production system, making us a leading provider of facilitation services for customers in the financial sector. Our Fast-Cheque or Check on Demand service is a fast and efficient check printing system that allows customers to place orders online or through various service points, such as call centers, telephones, and the internet. Once we receive an order, we print out the encoded code, branch name, address, and customer name in its entirety and deliver the book to the branch in the clearing area in Bangkok by the next business day's opening hours. This enables banks to pay their customers' cheques immediately.

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