Outsource Service

Outsource Service or the service in data management process with the modern technologies applied for providing the maximum efficient services in the areas relating to the organizational data management, with the security control system pursuant to the ISO27001 Standard to fulfill the customer need as follows.

  • e-Document is the electronic data delivery outsourcing service via Multi Channels consisting of Email, SMS, Line, and FAX.
  • Doc One is the data storage service in pdf file or other data file in the format required for storage, where the right is defined to authorize the users to upload the stored documents at Data Center of the Company.
  • DMS is the systematic e-Document management service for the customers, for instance, documentary scan service, returned letter scan service, business acknowledgement scan service, storage service for the data acquired from Application derived from the operation to be stored at the company’s database, and backed up the data, where the customers can use data and retrieve the said data whether being in the internal or external documents or working reports.